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I work with designers, small boutique hotels and homeowners, utilising natural light to photograph your space in it's most natural look. My absolute sweet spot is in the details.

©Kieren Toscan

©Kieren Toscan

About ME

Originally from Australia, I live in London, UK.

I work patiently with natural light to photograph the interiors of homes, hotels and inspiring spaces. I also love to lose myself in a city, capturing details otherwise overlooked.

Since 2015 I have photographed travel articles for magazines, home and hotel interiors, contributed to a book and I am currently completing a personal project from a three-month journey throughout Italy. Selected clients and features include Airbnb, Lodestars Anthology Magazine, The Trevose Harbour House, Samphire Studio and Wondertrunk & Co.

I photograph interiors throughout London and I am open to travel and opportunities throughout the world. If you have a specific photography project in mind, whether it be an interior shoot or a travel piece, please get in touch for further examples of my work, availability, and rates. | instagram