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I work with designers, small boutique hotels and homeowners, utilising natural light to photograph your space in it's most natural look. My absolute sweet spot is in the details.

©Kieren Toscan

©Kieren Toscan

About Renae

Originally from Australia, Renae lives in London but has been fortunate to call many cities home from an early age. Some of her fondest memories were travelling with her family, experiencing new cities and going through far too many rolls of film.

Working in hotels piqued her interest in interiors, and with the excitement of exploring a new city never far from her mind, she set off for London. Working on a side project gave her the opportunity to explore her passion for photography further, and it was then that she realised a new way to combine her love for interiors and travel.

Since 2015 she has photographed magazine articles, home and hotel interiors, contributed to a book and is currently completing a personal project from a three-month journey throughout Italy. Selected clients and features include Airbnb, Lodestars Anthology Magazine, The Trevose Harbour House, Samphire Studio and Wondertrunk & Co.

Renae's photography reflects her calm nature and open approach. She prefers to take the time to observe a landscape, working patiently with natural light in interior spaces, often drawing her to capture details otherwise overlooked.


Renae photographs interiors throughout London and is open to travel and opportunities throughout the world. If you have a specific photography project in mind, whether it be an interior shoot or a travel piece, please get in touch for further examples of her work, availability, and rates.

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