Puglia, Italy 2015 / Renae Smith

Hi, I'm Renae!

I'm currently based in London and love nothing more than to venture throughout the world with this amazing guy, predominantly behind a lens.

Originally from Australia, I grew up moving around and experiencing different cities often. I’m still hit with the same sense of excitement every time I travel, the kind of lump in my throat, tears springing to my eyes kind of excitement, whether it's to create personal work or to complete an editorial assignment, the latest being for Lodestars Anthology Magazine.

I’m positively restless for the next adventure. Alongside my husband we covered 9000km's of Italy in this beauty over three months, for a personal project that is still underway, and partially documented, here.

The experience reaffirmed the value to move outside of my comfort zone often in photography, and that there is a definite lack of suspension in old car seats!

The images on this page are credited to Kieren Toscan.

The images on this page are credited to Kieren Toscan.

Some of my clients have included Lodestars Anthology Magazine, The Collective Europe and Airbnb - I am available for freelance work, locally and internationally.

I also curate a small collection of images for sale here.

Please get in touch via the form below; I’d love to hear from you.

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