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On the move [again]


Hello. Welcome to my blog, a new home for my photography, thoughts on life in London (soon to be Italy!) and lessons learned whilst moving across the globe trying to create location independent businesses - a work in progress!

We have enjoyed London as our home for about 4.5 years overall. We returned to Australia in 2009 to start a business. As it became something that we could do from almost anywhere in the world we decided to move back to London in 2011, when we also started an online business.

There is so much that we have loved about living in London, and with returning for a second time, I appreciated it with a different sense of purpose. No more than realising the importance of making the most of every day.

Fast forward to 2013...we have just packed up our flat and our business stock, put our stuff in storage and are on the move again, this time to Italy. It’s time to fulfill a dream we have had for some time, get out of our comfort zones, learn the language and soak up the culture of a country that we have always loved visiting.

Before we get to there though we’re heading off to Australia to spend a month catching up with family and friends.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll say hello.