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Life in Verona, Italy 03-09/8 [Week No.1]


It's been about 4 years since we met and fell in love with Verona for the first time. Unlike this one, our arrival back then was totally unplanned but welcomed after weeks of camping on the Southern Italian coast in a very small 2-man tent.


As we headed back to the same accommodation, this time in the comfort of an air-conditioned taxi, the memories of walking the same cobbled streets, a little lost, a little hot and flustered, lugging heavy backpacks full of camping gear brought a smile to my face. It was then, when Verona had been on the tail end of our first extended trip to Italy, that we talked about how wonderful it would be to come back and experience living there for a period of time. I still can’t believe that time has come.

“Siamo qui.” - we are here

photos, top to bottom: the main centre of Verona where you’ll find restaurants, a small park area and the Roman Arena where they hold operas and concerts. Throughout the day you will often see the props stored around the outside of the Arena;  the many winding shopping and residential streets off the city centre;  many beautiful medieval buildings and their details some even including frescos, like this one in Piazza delle Erbe; one of the old medieval buildings that sits empty at the foot of the main bridge we have been walking across when heading into the centre;  looking up, shutters and building details;  looking over the bridge towards the centre of Verona, with one of the residential streets near to where we were staying;  a church tower and some of the many residential buildings that line the river.

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