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Life in Verona, Italy 10-16/8 [Week No.2]


Since the first week was taken up with getting our bearings, and getting set up again there wasn't a lot of time to get reacquainted with the city. This week, however, when we found out that the internet problem we were having (which was actually not having any internet) was going to continue, we spent the week scoping out possible cafes and other places to work.

Exploring different parts of the city particularly along the river was a nice way to spend the day even if it led us to find that most cafes do not give you access to their wifi anymore. A free wifi service called Guglielmo is available in certain areas, but we drank a lot of coffee instead!

It was also unseasonably hot for Verona with temperatures ranging nearer to the 40's every day, which, after a longer winter in London this year we were certainly enjoying. I also blame it for the amount of Aperol spritz's that we consumed this week. I have no excuses for the amount of pasta I have been eating though.