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Life in Verona, Italy 17-23/8 [Week No.3]


This week the internet problem became more frustrating and I felt as though I wasn't really achieving very much. So we headed out to a phone store to get connected with a more reliable connection. Note - asking for an 'internet dongle' will result in confusing looks, it's known as an internet key in Italy. Internet Key. Score. We were connected again.

We also decided to look for better accommodation, something closer to the main centre of Verona with internet and a washing machine. We've managed without a washing machine in London before, short term, so I wasn't all that concerned about not having one. However, Italy is not London with a laundromat on every corner. And being pleased with how toned your upper arm muscles are looking after numerous trips to the laundromat it's not enough of a reason to go on without one. Nor is the 38 degree heat + being in an area where you fear someone might run off with your wet clothes, right out of the machine. Ok, so that last one might not have entirely been the case but lets just say that an old nonna across the street had this look about her, or she may have just had the hots for Kieren, but STILL. One should have their own washing machine. After we frantically emailed many places Kieren found this gem of a flat right near Castelvecchio. Since we were going to be back in London for work the following week we view it and agree to sign up once we get back. Sorted.

The highlight of the week though was spending Saturday morning wandering through the beautiful Giardino Giusti, which we didn’t go through the last time we were in Verona. It's a beautiful Italian Garden built in the 16th century located on the east side of town. Belonging to the Giusti family, it is a typical Italian Renaissance garden and considered one of the best Renaissance gardens in Europe. Below is a photo inside the gardens looking back towards the entrance. I of course took a ridiculous amount of photos and will add them to a separate post.