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Life in Verona, Italy 24-30/8 [Week No.4] - weekend getaway



On Friday we hired a car and headed out of Verona for a long weekend on the coast. Kieren must have been a little nervous about the impending drive on the Italian roads and driving on the opposite side of the road, as he had literally mapped out our journey on google maps and downloaded it to our phones - normally we’ll just wing it. We were heading to Comacchio but staying about 15 mins out of the town right on the coast. It was only going to be a couple of hours drive as far as google maps was concerned... If only at the 2 hour mark we hadn't taken that exit off the highway and had just continued on to the next one. Instead it just got smaller and smaller in the revision mirror after we turned off, and I looked at it wistfully, hoping it might somehow end up back in front of us. It didn't. I let out a panicky laugh at the realisation and concentrated back on the map. With only a few minutes to decide on what to do, I ditched the route google was showing me and went rogue, announcing that we are going to go a 'more scenic' route. In other words, I still really had no idea nor how long the new route might take, but decided that we should just go with it. At the very least it will take us along the coast and it will be scenic... It took us a further 2.5 hours to get there. (Take that, google maps!) To say we were relieved to have relinquished the keys to the front desk at the hotel when we finally arrived and to say a few Aperol spritz's were had would be an understatement.

It was a great weekend, our hotel was about 500 metres from the beach and we woke to the most beautiful sunrises over the ocean each morning. The car also stayed put at the hotel until we decided to explore the town of Comacchio on Sunday. You can hire bikes and ride all of the way in from the beach, but the lazy side in both of us decided to gamble with the car instead.

Known as a little Venice with its windy canals throughout, Comacchio is a relatively small and quiet town, however it's expansive wetlands just south of town spanning some 13,000 hectares certainly make up for it. Scattered with fish farming you can drive pretty much around most of the wetlands, only having to once hop on a small car ferry to get across the river. We even made it back for one last evening stroll along the beach.

We headed back on the Monday well rested but quite sunburnt and spent the rest of the week in London due to business.