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Learning Italian


I have always wanted to learn another language, thinking back now I can't believe that I never elected to learn a language at school. It probably would have made my transition into learning the Italian language now, that much easier - hindsight is a wonderful thing!

In preparation for our move to Italy and to learn the language I had my BBC Language CD's on repeat and post-it-notes with the Italian meaning scrawled across them stuck on everything in the flat. However I don't think anything was going to prepare me for doing an intensive course. The InClasse School was recommended to us and they offer intensive and extended courses as well as other activities and workshops. We decided to try the duetto course, one teacher to the two of us.

Yesterday we completed our first two week block, and I marvel at how, only after 10 hours it just rolls off Kieren's tongue. Our teacher only converses with us in Italian and our course book is written entirely in Italian with no English translation to fall back on - not even for homework answers! The horror! The last few days we've had our heads stuck in learning verbs. We've written, spoken and dreamt of verbs....holy moly, it's been challenging. But all that aside, the school is fantastic. Everyone is really friendly and we have an amazing teacher - Gaia, who is so lovely and very patient! I've thrown many blank looks at Gaia and giggled to get through my nervousness, but it hasn't deterred me from wanting to continue to learn such a beautiful language.