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Life in Verona, Italy [Week No.13]


I've jumped ahead of my weekly recap posts today to mark the 13th week that we have been here. On reflection I can’t help but feel a little saddened at the thought of being halfway through our time here. It has gone so quick and I feel as though we have only just scratched the surface. That said, we started this adventure not knowing exactly how long we would be here so I am grateful for the time already spent and the time we have left.

Here are some things that has made my heart open wide and smile since August.

seeing… everyone ride bikes. I mean, everyone. No matter who or how old you are, or where you are going, it's definitely a preferred way to travel. And more often than not with a mobile phone in hand! (I am in awe how they manoeuvre around the cobbled streets with such ease!)

hearing… an Opera singer practise once or twice a week in the apartment across from us. She has the most beautiful voice that radiates throughout the building

laughing when… while taking photos, a guy stopped and jumped in front of my camera and then blew me a kiss as he walked away

the times spent… conversing with the owner of our local gelateria, making him laugh as he corrects my bad Italian

the time when… our dinner menu was sung to us in Italian

when sometimes… a chilled glass of limoncello arrives at our table after dinner and on the house

savouring… the sense of slow. Italians rise early and eat late, but the day is enjoyed at a slower pace overall. They take time out to lunch with family followed by quiet time/siesta and then kick everything off again early evening.

image taken via instagram