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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I know, it's already 20 days into 2014 but I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year? We headed to Canada for a few weeks with family, for what I was hoping to be my first white Christmas. Speaking with my brother beforehand, he mentioned they had been experiencing mild temps for that time of year so I proceeded to cross everything and hope for snow. Clearly I have magical crossing powers because we ended up with a more than white Christmas. We had a power outage the first night we arrived, ice causing havoc on the power lines, and then we experienced our first blizzard. We weren't alone, the weather continued to cause massive problems with ice storms and record below freezing temperatures across Canada, hitting much worse in Toronto, not to mention various parts of the US.

With the weather the way it was our time spent outside was limited, but with views out over the ocean and walks through the woods it was easy to see how beautiful it was. My brother and sister-in-law live about an hour or so out of Halifax, right on the water, and one day we even saw deer roaming their backyard - I mean?! We also finally got to meet the most beautiful little person, my new niece. I watched her take her first steps and celebrated her 1st birthday with her - my heart couldn't have been any more full. A wonderful way to end a year and to start another.

Wishing you a fabulous year and next time Canada, I'm crossing everything to see a Moose!