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Happy [Weekend] + Friday Links [No.Five]

Happy Weekend 14 November London, UK / Renae Smith

Happy Friday and hello mid November! It's finally cold enough here for coat wearing but not freezing, just yet. The trees are becoming bare as they continue to lose their leaves and more Christmas lights are appearing strung up in the streets, twinkling from about 4pm.

This time of year for me is always a combination of last attempts to meet the goals I made throughout the year (and forgive myself for the ones that I haven't met!) as well as a frenzied approach to wrap current work up before the year comes to a close. Thankfully, it hasn't been that frenzied just yet!

So I hope wherever you are in the world, however hectic life might be right now, that you have a relaxing weekend. Enjoy the links below.

+  our new favourite site for watching movies: mubi

+  how cute are these moving house announcements, if only I was that organised!

+ great holiday reading: this book by the talented Alicia M Kaye

+ love the simple design of this tiny workspace via design-milk


+  on repeat: Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte..."ok i believe you.."

+ also for the ears: this interview, about how it all started for the inspiring jen gotch on the lively show

+ added to my grey glove wishlist: these hand knitted beauties by thisispaper

+ New York is one of my favourite cities in the world: I love how this photographer captures the city and it's inhabitants for his amazing blog