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burrow28. A Little Print Store With Big Heart


Welcome to burrow.28, I’m excited you’re here!

I've enjoyed capturing moments in time ever since I can remember - very haphazardly while travelling and moving around often with my family. 

But it wasn't until a few years ago that an unexpected path in an online venture led me to learn new skills and start to use my camera in a more structured way, and, I loved it. It also became my outlet from working on my own and in a new city, ensuring I would hit the streets and capture my surroundings.

Today I'm still travelling down that path, and although I don't know it's direction, it's one I'm grateful to be on.

Burrow.28, combines my love for photography, travel and creating. A small print store offering prints and cards from selected images taken travelling to new places, and getting lost in old ones. 

I hope they will inspire you to travel, get lost, take a new path - explore the beauty of the unknown.

Thanks for stopping by burrow.28.

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