Things Happen for A Reason [an update from the road ]

Switzerland From the Road, August 2015 / Renae Smith

Where to begin… A month ago we set off in Gina the Fiat from a B&B in Eynsford and headed to France via the Euro tunnel. Oh what a journey it has been so far.

It has feels like it has been a lot longer than a month, and yet at times, I catch myself just wanting to hit pause as I worry that it’s all going to be over so quickly.

The challenges we’ve encountered, not once, but twice breaking down in a span of a week, didn’t worry me at the time as such, cars break and they are fixable, as long as we were both ok, I knew everything would be ok. Annoying? Sure. We missed appointments, lost money on having to cancel accommodation, and it was hard to know at times what was actually happening with the car (let alone where she was!) conversing in a language we didn’t know. And to be honest, it just felt like a bit of a blow to the start of our adventure and we started to doubt what we had set out to do.
But then we wouldn’t have discovered another place in France that we hadn’t intended on staying in, and without frantic bookings on Expedia, in torrential rain on the highway with 3g flickering in and out, we wouldn’t have stayed here for a night in Switzerland - discovering the beauty of Lugano (nor the amazing view from the Havana Deck Bar - definitely returning!).

And we wouldn’t have then crossed the border into Italy to spend the first night in Verona, coincidentally the place where this project first started to materialise.

Things happen for a reason.

Arriving back into Verona we felt welcomed with a big hug of relief - it lifted our spirits and reminded us to keep going at what we had set out to do. Living there about 18 months ago, we ended up staying near where we used to live and immediately fell back into what was our normal daily routine at the time - running the same route of a morning, going to the same cafe’s with people even remembering who we were. Our last night there was spent having dinner with friends, Gaia our lovely Italian teacher and her boyfriend and as we set back out on the road the next day, we felt grateful.