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Italy 2015 / Renae Smith
Italy 2015 / Renae Smith
Italy 2015 / Renae Smith
Italy 2015

Hello! I hope that 2016 has been kind to you so far and that you had a wonderful break?

After moving into a more permanent abode hours after arriving back in London, it seems like a lifetime ago now that we had a short, but very sweet time with family and friends in Australia over the break.

After Australia we took some time out to properly acknowledge and gratefully reflect on 2015 - which was a whopper of a year, exceeding all that I had hoped for personally and professionally. From meeting wonderful people and making new friends when my heart needed it more than I realised, to taking a leap and fulfilling goals on a new professional journey. I'm grateful for the experiences and the opportunities that taught me, above all, to dig deep and have more belief in myself.

So as we flip the calendar over to the second month of 2016 today, I'm looking forward to a year connecting further with new friends, continuing to do fulfilling work, facing new challenges, new experiences, and hopefully pushing the envelope even further.

I hope that you have a wonderful, healthy and happy year and wish you the best for all that you hope to accomplish.