Happy [Weekend] + Friday Links [No.Twenty]

London, UK 2016 / Renae Smith
London, UK 2016 / Renae Smith
London, UK 2016 / Renae Smith
London, UK 2016 / Renae Smith

Oh hello friends and hello Friday! How have you been? I hope that you have had a great couple of weeks?

March? When did that happen?

There are signs of spring already around London with magnolia's starting to flower and the days are getting longer which is nice. I' am feeling a little more settled in the flat finally, and I have a hankering to get some palms like the one above. Ever since we stayed in this airbnb last year I can't get them out of my mind. Hopefully it would survive my plant-killer-hands...

The photo above was one of the first times I've picked up the camera over the last few weeks, so of course I stalked our neighbourhood...it's always good to get out and flex those muscles even if it's just a five minute walk around the corner. The great fiat hunt project is progressing on, which is really exciting and I can't wait to share more with you over the next few months. Speaking of which, I think we are finally picking up our girl gina from the mechanics, so it will be great to get out and about in her! I hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever it takes you!

Some of my favourite links this week are below - enjoy. 

+  on repeat: this old favourite, by van halen

+  loved: this ted talk by chris burkard

+ currently reading: the top five regrets of the dying, by bronnie ware


+ interesting article: modern homes designed for millennials

+ looking forward to flicking through: define magazine

+ for the views: gipfelrestaurant on mount chäserrugg