Happy [Weekend] + Friday Links [No.Twenty Two]

Como, Italy May 2016
Como, Italy May 2016
Como, Italy May 2016

Oh hello, Friday! I hope that you have had a wonderful two weeks? It's been full steam ahead, squeezing as much as possible into the days, working across a few different projects as well as the Great Fiat Hunt book, and my next series of cards and prints for burrow.28 available really, really, soon! 

Speaking of the Great Fiat Hunt, we went back to Italy last weekend to do our final interview. When Gina broke down in France at the start of our trip, we lost a week's worth of time in the north of Italy and had to cancel what would have been one of our first interviews. However, last weekend we finally made it to Bergamo and couldn't have asked for a better second chance to meet Antonio.

Assuring us he was on his way we continued to wait at the gate outside the front of his house but after about ten minutes or so, a nonna appeared, standing on her balcony inquisitively looking at us. I smiled at her and turned back around to Kieren nudging him, making him aware that we might soon be asked about our presence. Sure enough, a few minutes later, a nonno appeared, and they both began to make their way towards us. After conversing with them in Italian followed by a quick call to Antonio, they ushered us inside the gate and into their home. They made us an espresso and we chatted about their son, our trip and who was leading the Giro d'Italia (an annual Italian bike race) that was on TV. Kieren and I glanced at each other smiling, it was as if we were back on our trip last year where we'd often find ourselves in the same type of situation.

Antonio arrived before long, opened up his garage to show us his business, restoring fiat 500's, Gina would have cringed seeing her fellow fiats in parts! The next day we had a chance to meet Antonio's family and were also treated to a drive through the city. We decided to stay just on the outskirts of Como about an hour and a half from Milan. After missing out on staying there last year, it was well worth doing the trek from Bergamo and back every day. It was a beautiful spot, we didn't have much time to explore so I would love to get back one day. It almost felt like we were ending the trip a second time, all that was missing was Gina. 

Back in London and this week and while we aren't getting the 27 degrees that we were treated to in Italy, the days are long and it's one of the greenest times of the year, summer is on its way. Happy days. 

Lastly, just a few links to end this week, it's a long weekend here and it's my birthday tomorrow, so the weekend is calling!!  I wish you a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

+ it doesn't take much to be kind nor to shop eithically to buy sustainble goods, and the kind guide looks to help you do as much. a new project launching soon by the talented samee

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+ my luggage addiction continues with: away would love to visit their concept store