An Update [Work + Travels + This Space]

Masseria Cimino Hotel, Italy 2015 © Renae Smith

Hello! It’s been a while, I hope you have been well? I don’t know about you but it feels like this year is going at rapid speed and my grip has been slipping lately. I mean May? Seriously? Where is that pause button?!

Good things are happening, though, so I am holding on tight determined to make the most of everything that is coming my way, even if I feel out of my depth at times, and a little overwhelmed.

Since it's been a little while in between posts I felt that it wouldn't hurt to provide a little update on what's been happening. The Great Fiat Hunt book is coming together, slowly but surely and I feel incredibly lucky to be working with a wonderful publisher to help us pull everything together. It’s exciting to see it take shape, and a bit surreal at the same time! I am learning a lot, though, and I can’t wait to share it with you hopefully later this year.

I have also been thinking a lot more about what I hope to continue to share here in this space. I think it is a space that will continue to evolve (hopefully more often and consistently!) as my work does, but I also hope that it provides some sort of inspiration, whether it be about travel, amazing places to escape to or inspirational creatives. Expanding more on my Friday links posts which I always enjoy putting together - a small list of places, people, travel, design, anything really that has caught my eye or hit a note with me during the week.

I'm also excited to share some more magazine work that will be released in June and I have oodles of content to share from our travels whilst in Italy last year, including visiting the Masseria Cimino Hotel (photographed above) for the second time, it was just as amazing as the first time I visited. My next set of prints will also be available soon, again, largely influenced by our time in Italy.

Lastly, and non Italy related (!) I recently attended a wonderful gathering that I will share here tomorrow, it reminded me the value of connecting with like-minded creatives offline.

I feel a certain shift happening this year, or rather, it feels like it has happened over the last few months predominantly, which prompted me to think more about my work and where I want to take it. To be honest, I resisted it largely, initially, as it felt incredibly uncomfortable, but I'm learning that it is all part of the process, or more so, I am accepting that it is all part of the process! It's where I'm meant to be. I can't tell you how much of a huge relief it is to feel that.

I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday!