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Life in Verona, Italy 31/8-6/9 [Week No.5]


We moved into our new place and then had this kind of sunset.


We also went to an Opera at the Arena. The first time we went, a little over 4 years ago, we saw Carmen. We had no idea what to expect only knowing that you were allowed to bring in food and drink but no cameras. We bought stall tickets which entitles you to sit anywhere on the old stone steps, on a first come, first serve basis. So we went quite early and got a pretty good seat the on the first row above the bottom seats with no one in front of us. We had only just opened our vino when an usher appeared with paper cups, which I thought was pretty impressive, until I saw her shaking her finger at the bottle of vino. We looked at her blankly and then she took the bottle. We thought we had lost our vino forever but thankfully she just proceeded to pour the entire contents into several paper cups and hand them back to us. No glass was allowed. As people kept streaming in we noticed they all had cameras so Kieren did a mercy dash back to where we were staying and got my camera. Best. Husband. Ever. This time we saw Rigoletto, and we were more prepared. A plastic bottle of vino rosso (I know, the horror, but it tasted just fine), my camera, and padded cushions to sit on - those stone steps aren't as comfortable as they look. 


Arriving much later this time we were ushered right up to the top but the night was warm and you could feel the music through your bones. How amazingly talented are opera singers? They have the most beautiful voices. My photos don't do it justice plus they are a little blurry as I'm still learning how to take better photos at night.